Financial Planning Checklist

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself

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Will Non-Profits be the Real Winners with Stretch IRAs on the Chopping Block?

It is often said that charitable strategies only make sense for the truly charitable.  In almost every case, this proves to be true.  There must be true charitable intent for the charitable vehicle to make financial sense because even when taxes are steep for income/estate, you or your loved ones usually end up with […]

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Dollar Nears Parity With Euro – Euro Update

Continued weakness with the euro has become a focal point with currency markets as the central bank of Europe continued with its stimulus efforts by keeping key rates at historical lows in Europe. The combination of Brexit and ECB stimulus efforts have gradually been adding downward pressure on the euro throughout the year. The […]

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Big Government Causes Slow Growth

In 1930, Pluto was declared the ninth planet.  In 2007, it was demoted to “dwarf planet” status by astronomers after considering new evidence.  There are now only eight planets.


Also in the 1930s, the ideas of John Maynard Keynes came of age.  In spite of a massive amount of evidence that these ideas don’t work, […]

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U.S. Dollar Finishes Higher For 2016 – Currency Market Review

The U.S. dollar had strong gains against various major currencies in 2016. Clarity surrounding the Fed’s decision to start raising rates along with anticipated growth expectations from Trump’s policies have catapulted the dollar. Both the anticipation of higher rates and a growing economy can help send currencies higher. The dollar is up over 20% […]

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Macro Overview / Year In Review

A year-end equity rally induced by a Trump victory lost momentum towards the end of December as doubts surfaced regarding Trump’s success in garnering support for his proposals from both Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate.


Two thousand sixteen was laden with uncertainty surrounding rates, growth, oil, the election, and Brexit. The S&P […]

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Watch the Spending

President-elect Trump wants a Race Horse Economy, not a continuation of the Plow Horse we’ve had for the past several years.


Out of all of his proposals, the one that should help the economy the most is corporate tax reform, in particular a big cut in the tax rate on profits to 15% or 20% […]

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2017: Dow 23,750, S&P 2700

We have used the metaphor of the “Plow Horse” to define the US economy since 2009 – an economy driven by new technology and entrepreneurship (fracking, the cloud, smartphones, big data…), but held back by the friction of a growing and burdensome government.


Since mid-2009, real (inflation-adjusted) economic growth averaged a Plow Horse-like 2.1% per […]

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U.S. Has Among Highest Corporate Tax Rates – Fiscal Policy Review

One of Trump’s fiscal proposals is to reduce the inherently high U.S. corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%. The United States currently has one of the highest corporate tax rates of any country worldwide at 35%.  The average corporate rate globally is just over 23%.


Some countries maintain low tax rates or no corporate […]

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