Happy Weekend!

At least from a market perspective, today’s open looks much better than it has all week. This level of volatility can certainly make planning and investment allocating a tough job. We appreciate your concern as to where these markets are heading. At present, we do not yet believe we are heading into a recession as 10 out of 10 leading indicators still show little sign of such and we may actually get a small rise in the market over the next few months. Yet, I am titling my next article From Raging Bull to Aging Bull and will detail how we need to plan and invest heading into a stagnant growth market.

For the near-term, we will stay focused on U.S. Large Cap, high-dividend companies, focusing on consumer staples, healthcare, utilities, and telecom. We are waiting for a buy signal (perhaps today?) in the market before we add to these positions.

We appreciate your patience and trust in our work and wish you an enjoyable Valentine’s weekend and President’s Day.
Jim & the 1 North Team