At 1 North, we work hard to know and understand all of your particular needs. We don’t just focus on investment returns. Our team is here to take care of all of your financial needs and to educate you on:

Ways to reduce risk :

a. Guiding you through proper insurance coverage. We do not sell insurance. We therefore have no conflict of interest in giving you trusted advice. We’re happy to work with your insurance advisors or refer you to reputable advisors to obtain the best products for you and your family.
b. Reviewing and re-allocating your total investment allocations, including those outside our firm. We charge a management fee on only the assets we manage here in our firm, but we can guide you on how to allocate your 401(K) or other assets and coordinate them with our managed funds according to your risk tolerance and timeframes.

Ways to be more tax efficient :

a. Managing your money for tax efficiency: We often hear from clients that their tax advisor doesn’t do tax planning with them. We can work with your tax advisor to do in-depth tax planning. Our firm works hard to provide true tax planning, not only for the current year, but also for future years in order to increase the likelihood that you pay the lowest tax possible through the years.
b. Guidance before and during retirement: : It is very important throughout your lives to build up taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free assets. Too many prospective retirees have all their assets in tax-deferred 401(K)s and pensions. If this is your situation, let us help you create greater tax efficiency and flexibility in the ways your accounts are taxed so that you pay the lowest tax possible through retirement.

All other Financial Planning Matters :

Our firm provides true Financial Planning with a staff that is properly trained to help. We do not use financial planning software to provide a static snapshot of your lives and tell you everything is fine. Our proprietary methods show you where financial pitfalls may exist. Then we work together to solve these issues so that you can go on enjoying your life.