At 1 North, we work hard to know and understand all of your particular needs. We don’t just focus on investment returns. Our team is here to take care of all of your financial needs and to educate you on:

Ways to reduce risk :

a. Guiding you through proper insurance coverage. We do not sell insurance. We therefore have no conflict of interest in giving you trusted advice… Read More

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The greatest compliment we continue to receive from our clients is their appreciation of the level of care and consideration that we put into our work, our decisions, and our interactions with them. We believe that in order to invest your money properly, we need to be aware of your true needs, objectives, and concerns regarding your finances. We take every effort to know you as our client. Each client should feel this same level of mindfulness as it is part of our mission.
We are proud to be long-time Annapolitans. Therefore, we have taken our expertise and the passion that we have for our work out to the community. Our goal is to be an active solutions provider for those around us. From leadership positions in Rotary, Partners in Care, Hospice of the Chesapeake, and many others, we wish to help improve our local and regional community through financial education.Apart from the extensive board and volunteer… Read More